Lots of new A330s to China

China Aviation Supplies Holding Company (CAS) and Airbus have signed an agreement for 45 A330 family aircraft and a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for  options for 30 A330s . Both agreements were signed in Paris on  Monday.

According to Airbus’ market forecast, China will become the leading country for passenger air traffic, for both domestic and international markets, as passenger traffic in the country grows well above the world average. Domestic air traffic in China will become the world’s number one within 10 years. In the 20 year period between 2014 to 2033 Airbus forecasts a demand in China for more than 5,300 new commercial passenger aircraft sized over 100 seats plus freighters.

At present, the in-service Airbus fleet with Chinese operators comprises over 1,150 aircraft (over 980 A320 Family aircraft, over 150 A330 Family aircraft and five A380s).

Chinese company CAS specializes in aircraft procurement and support services on aviation supplies. Since 2002, CAS has signed 22 package-purchase contracts for a total of more than 1500 aircraft from major aircraft manufacturers like Airbus and Boeing.

Source: Airbus
Featured image (top): The Airbus A330 in its original Airbus colours. (Image © Airbus)