The RAF's first A400M, MSN15, taxiing at the airport of Seville, Spain (Image © Airbus Defence and Space)

Airbus: A400M deliveries restart

Airbus Defence and Space is set to restart deliveries of Airbus A400M transport aircraft following the lifting of all remaining flight restrictions on new production aircraft by Spanish authorities late last week.

As a result, all A400Ms are now cleared for flight provided they have undergone the checks specified by the manufacturer in the Alert Operator Transmission (AOT) dated 19 May. Airbus Defence and Space´s own three development aircraft were not affected by the restrictions. Nevertheless, nations operating the A400M ceased flying the aircraft after the fatal crash on 9 May. Flights took off again last week.

The production plan for the year is under review following the accident but currently is still targeting at least 13 aircraft in 2015, plus up to four more subject to flight-test results due this summer.

Two aircraft which were due for delivery at the time of the accident are expected to be delivered in a matter of days with a number of others to follow in the coming weeks. First to be delivered is thought to be an aircraft for the French Air Force.

Head of Military Aircraft Fernando Alonso said: “We appreciate the Spanish authorities’ timely action in restoring our permission to fly without restriction as well as our customers’ patience and support in recent weeks. We are working hard to bring the schedule back on track while continuing to support the investigation.”

Source: Airbus Defence and Spac, with additional reporting by © 2015 editor Elmer van Hest
Featured image: An A400M awaiting a paint job. (Image © Airbus Defence and Space)