Spain allows restart of A400M test flights

Spain is allowing Airbus A400M test flights again after the fatal crash that killed four Airbus employees on 9 May in Sevilla. The flights were suspended following the crash and subsequent investigation. Meanwhile, Airbus is displaying the A400M at next week’s Paris Air Show, saying the company has full confidence in the aircraft.

After the crash, only development flight were allowed by Spain. These differ from production test flights, which are meant to test new aircraft coming of the production line. The A400M that crashed in May was a brand new aircraft for the Turkish Air Force and was performing its first flight.

The investigation team is focusing on engine-related software issues. According to reports, parts of the software may have been accidently deleted on the crashed aircraft.

© 2015 editor Elmer van Hest
Featured image (top): An A400M prior to a test flight. (Image © Airbus)