Lift-off! for the second Falcon 8X (Image © Dassault Aviation)

Dassault’s progress with new Falcons

Dassault announced today that its new Falcon 5X will roll out on 2 June and is expected to make its maiden flight this summer. Furthermore, the French company also reported its third and final Falcon 8X test aircraft has taken to the skies. The announcements came during the current European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE) in Gevena.

Dassault has been busy with ground testing the Falcon 5X. “We are pleased with the way ground tests are proceeding,” said Olivier Villa, Senior Vice President, Civil Aircraft, Dassault Aviation. “We are moving ahead with preparations for the first flight and expect the aircraft to take to the air this summer.”

Meanwhile, the third Falcon 8X took off from Dassault Aviation’s Bordeaux-Mérignac facility last week, joining the test program. In June, it will be ferried to the Falcon completion facility in Little Rock, Arkansas, where it will be fitted out with a full cabin and tested for cabin comfort and sound level.

The first two test aircraft are both well into the certification campaign at the Dassault flight test center at Istres, near Marseille, France. Altogether, the three test aircraft have completed 50 sorties as of mid-May. The full program will total some 200 flights and 500 flight hours through final EASA and FAA certification, which is anticipated in mid-2016.

Aircraft production is also well advanced. Eight aircraft are currently in final assembly and 15 other units are at various stages of production.

Source: Dassault
Featured image: The Dassault Falcon 8X (Image © Dassault Aviation)