Airbus A400M flies again

As announced, Airbus Defence & Space flew the Airbus A400M again on Tuesday 12 May, three days after the tragic crash in Sevilla that killed four Airbus employees and seriously wounded two more. A company A400M flew from Toulouse to Seville during a 1 hours 50 minutes test flight.

The head of the Airbus military division, Fernando Alonso, was on board the aircraft. According to Alonso, the crews of the crashed aircraft ‘would have wanted A400M flight test to continue. Flight done. It’s our tribute.’ Airbus said the aircraft performed normally and all scheduled tests were completed.

Airbus on Sunday already said it would continue flying the transport aircraft, to show the company’s faith in the airplane. Airbus has not responded to claims that engines failures led to Saturday’s crash, which involved a brand new A400M on its first test flight. The aircraft was intended for delivery to Turkey.

Meanwhile, Spanish authorities are said to have banned test flying with aircraft currenlty in production in Sevilla. The aircraft that flew today, is a development aircraft owned by Airbus.

The type is however still grounded by the air forces of the UK, Germany, Turkey and Malaysia. Airbus has promised full transparancy in the investigation into the fatal crash, but on the other hands has not released any formal press statements since Saturday.

© 2015 editor Elmer van Hest
Featured image: The A400M that flew on 12 May was this exact, Airbus-owned aircraft (Image © Elmer van Hest)