The first Turkish Air Force A400M (Image © Airbus Military)

‘Crashed A400M suffered engine failures’

The Airbus A400M that crashed on 9 May in Sevilla (Seville), Spain, may have suffered one or more engine failures. According to German magazine Der Spiegel, one of the two survivors told investigators about the problems. Four fellow crew members died in the accident, which has led to the grounding of A400M aircraft in Germany, the UK, Malaysia and Turkey.

Meanwhile, Airbus Defence & Space has said it will continue flight testing with the A400M, with the next flight scheduled for Tuesday. The crashed aircraft was about to perform its very first flight and was scheduled for delivery to the Turkish Air Force in June.

France has stated it continues to use all of its 6 Airbus A400Ms delivered so far, but only for ‘priority’ flights. The Armée de l’Air has been using the new transport aircraft to support operations in Mali.

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Featured image: A Turkish Air Force A400M. (Image © Airbus Defence & Space)