The AN-178 in the air (Image © Antonov Aircraft Company)

New Antonov takes flight

In Ukraine, the new Antonov An-178 medium transport aircraft took flight for the first time on Thursday 7 May. The aircraft only saw its roll out three weeks ago. The An-178 is meant to take the place of the old An-12.

The first flight lasted one hour. The flight crew consisted of Antonov test pilots Andrii Spasibo, Sergii Troshyn and test engineer Mykola Sydorenko. After landing in Kiev Gostomel airport, the crew reported the flight was a success.

The An-178 is not purely an Antonov affair. The aircraft was designed and produced in cooperation with partner companies in 15 countries, Antonov states.

Source: Antonov
Featured image: The An-178 in the air (Image © Antonov Aircraft Company)