Cathay Pacific Airways receives 50th ‘ER’

Cathay Pacific Airways is doing pretty well on stocking Boeing 777-300ERs, with ‘ER’ designating Extended Range. The airline received its 50th ‘ER’ Triple Seven on 30 April. Cathay Pacific now has no less than 67 777s in operation, which also includes 12 ‘non-ER’ 777-300s and five 777-200s.

“The 777-300ER forms the backbone of our long-haul fleet,” said Ivan Chu, Chief Executive, Cathay Pacific Airways. “We operate the largest 777-300ER fleet in Asia, and this super-efficient long haul aircraft allows us to operate multiple daily frequencies to intercontinental markets, which gives our customers a lot of choices.”

While 67 triple sevens may seem like a lot, it’s nothing compared to the true champion: Emirates Airline flies well over 142 777s and is the only airline in the world to operate all the 777 variants. More some 777X planes will find their way to the airline.

According to Boeing, the 777-300ER will receive further improvements in 2016 designed to reduce fuel use by two percent. Cathay Pacific is slated to receive three more 777-300ERs this year and is one of the launch customers for the 777X with 21 777-9X airplanes on order.

Source: Boeing, with additional reporting by © 2015 editor Elmer van Hest
Featured image: Air to air with a Cathay Boeing 777-300ER (Image © Cathay Pacific Airways)