The C5C turned into C5M (Image © Lockheed Martin)

Update for Galaxy of a different kind

Lockheed Martin has modernized the first C-5C Galaxy to the new C-5M Super Galaxy standard. On 28 April the huge transporter was delivered back to the US Air Force, following the same route as the two dozens Galaxies modified earlier; it was flown from Lockheed Martin’s plant in Marietta, Georgia, to Stewart Air National Guard Base, New York, where it will undergo internal paint restoration before arriving at its home Travis AFB in California.

The C-5C is or was a rare species, being a Galaxy variant specially equipped to accommodate large payloads, such as satellites and other space related cargo. For this, the troop compartment in the rear of the aircraft was removed. Only two C-5s were ever modified to C-5C, the aircraft now updated to C-5M being one of them. The C-5C was introduced into service in 1988.

According to Lockheed Martin, the new space cargo modified C-5M will be the only “M” designed to haul satellites and other large space-related cargo. Most significant change to the aircraft is replacement of the old engines with the more efficient General Electric CF6-80C2 – also knows as F108-GE-100 by the military.

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Featured image (top): One of a kind. (Image © Lockheed Martin  / Thinh Nguyen)