Three Flygvapnet JAS 39 Gripens break over Ronneby Airbase (Image © Marcel Burger)

Saab denies Gripens to Argentina

Saab is basically ruling out a sale of its JAS 39 Gripen fighter jets to Argentina, according to statements from Sweden on Monday 27 April. Argentina is said to have taken an interest in the Gripen, now that Brazil has ordered the type and is starting a production line.

In a response, Saab has said no talks are being held or considered. An Argentinian Gripen deal seemed unlikely in the first place, since the aircraft uses a lot of US and UK parts, with the latter country having no intention of supplying military equipment to Buenos Aires following the 1982 Falklands war.

Saab – which today also said it is bringing a major hardware upgrade for the Gripen’s PS-05/A radar – and Brazilian manufacturer Embraer are looking into export opportunities for Brazilian-made Gripens though. The first export aircraft could be produced in 2022.

Argentina seems to have accepted it will never fly Gripens and now is said to have opted for Chinese made FC-1 fighter planes.

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Featured image: Saab breaks for any Gripen deal with Argentina (Image © Marcel Burger)