Probe into Brazilian Gripen deal

Prosecutors in Brazil are looking into possible irregularities in the deal for 36 Saab Gripen fighter aircraft for the Brazilian Air force. Reports about an investigation into the 5.4 billion USD deal emerged last week.

A price difference of 900 million USD between a 2009 proposal and the final price that was agreed last year, has sparked the interest of prosecutors. The Brazilian Air Force has already remarked that the difference is caused by changing exchange rates and additional terms in the contract, such as flight simulators.

Saab has denied anything is wrong with the deal, that is a major export success for the Swedish company and its first export agreement for the new Gripen E/F aircraft. Saab states the price increase is the result of changes wished for by the Brazilians, such as custom avionics. For example: the Força Aérea Brasileira wishes for one big multifunction LCD display in the cockpit in stead of three.

© 2015 editor Elmer van Hest
Featured image: Computer rendering of the SAAB Gripen E in Brazilian Air Force livery (Image © SAAB)