A modernized MiG-31 on approach (Image © Russian Aircraft Corporation)

Russia: “MiG-31 to protect Northern Sea Route from the Arctics”

The Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-31 long-range interceptor – NATO-reporting name “Foxhound” – will protect the Northern Sea Route from Russian airbases in the Arctics, the deputy commander of the Russian Aerospace Defence Forces (Voyska Vozdushno-Kosmicheskoy Oborony, or VKO) said on Saterday 7 April 2015 to Russian media and in a news release by the Russian Aircraft Corporation.

Whether the MiG-31s will be on temporarily rotation or permanently based on Arctic airfields, General Major Kirill Makarov didn’t say. “In the Arctic, we’ll place assets, such as the MiG-31, to detect enemy aircraft and fighter aircraft.”

Reconstruction at at least two Arctic airbases is underway. Tiksi Airbase in the far north reopens in 2017 as a MiG-31 (NATO-reporting name Foxhound) interceptor location. Relatively far off of everything the Russian Air Force seems eager to reposture itself to protect raw material, oil and gas reserves in the Arctics.

In August the Russian Ministry of Defence said it is also preparing the airfield of Temp on Kotelny Island – part of the New Siberian Islands – to be able to receive and service the large Ilyushin IL-76 airlifters in use in large numbers by the Air Force.

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Featured image (top): A modernized MiG-31 on approach (Image © Russian Aircraft Corporation)

A Sukhoi Su-24M ("Fencer") on a snowy airbase of the Russian Central Military District (Image © Russian Ministry of Defence)
Foxhounds and Fencers over the Barents Sea
A MiG-31 in earlier action (Image © Olga Balashova / Russian Air Force)
Another 50 Foxhounds to Bravo Mike standard
A Russian Air Force MiG-31BM catching "the bucket". Image released on 9 December 2014 of recent in-flight refuelling training (Image © Russian Ministry of Defence)
Air-to-air petrol: Russian style