A RAF Chinook HC2 (Image (PB) Adrian Pingstone)

RAF Chinooks heading home after 13 years

The Royal Air Force Chinook medium-size helicopter fleet has began wrapping up its operations in Afghanistan, after 13 years of continuous support to British and other military forces fighting the Taliban and terrorist groups in the Asian country.

The “Wokka Wokkas” were stationed at the military section of Kabul International Airport lately. The first Chinook left for home – RAF Odiham – on board a RAF Boeing C-17A Globemaster III on 25 April 2014. According to a RAF news release the Chinook force has flown over 41,000 hours in Afghanistan skies and extracted 13,000 casualties from the battlefield. First as part of Operation Herrick – the British part of the Allied ops since 2002 – and as part of Operation Toral since last year.

RAF Puma 2 crews and choppers from RAF Benson have taken over the Chinooks role on 1 April 2015, and will continue to fly in support of the mainly NATO forces that help train and support the Afghan National Army “until the mission is complete”, according to the RAF.

For the Chinooks, a new operations base is literately on the other side of the horizon. The UK Ministry of Defence has decided to base two of the choppers at RAF Mount Pleasant, to beef up the defences on the Falkland Islands / Islas Malvinas after Argentina has been trying lately to be able to reach the British controlled islands again, including influencing this fun story about the possibility of buying Russian-made bombers.

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Featured image: A RAF Chinook HC2 (Image (PB) Adrian Pingstone)