A Russian Navy Ka-27 in action (Image © Russian Helicopters)

Russian Navy upgrades Ka-27 helicopters

The Russian Navy is modernizing its fleet of Kamov Ka-27PL and Ka-27PS helicopters, Russian State subsidiary Russian Helicopters announced on 2 April 2015.

The first batch of overhauled and upgraded maritime helicopters (NATO reporting name Helix) is planned to rotate back into the fleet before the end of 2015, with work being done at the Kumertauskom Aviation Plan (KumAPP). The number of aircraft involved has not been disclosed.

The Ka-27PL is used for anti-submarine warfare, while the Ka-27PS is a search-and-rescue chopper. The PL is designed to detect, track and engage underwater and surface targets with its own sensors and weapons, or could relay the intel to Russian Navy vessels nearby.

Russian Helicopters hopes to attract foreign interest in the Ka-27 modernization program, with several other countries operating the export version Ka-28 of the Helix. The Russian Navy is expected to sent more helicopters to KumAPP for overhaul and upgrading for many years to come.

Source: Russian Helicopters
Featured image: A Russian Navy Ka-27 in action (Image © Russian Helicopters)