Dutch F-16s spent 3,000 hours over Iraq

During the last six months, Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF) F-16s have spent 3,000 flight hours in the skies over Iraq, targeting Islamic State (IS) forces. According to a Dutch Ministry of Defense statement released on Monday 16 March, a total of 620 missions were flown, resulting in the deployment of weapons 350 times.

The RNLAF started operations from Jordan in September 2014, using six F-16s plus two in reserve. The statement says coalition air operations were successful in stopping IS in Iraq and destroying weapons and other assets. The Dutch F-16s are not allowed to operate over Syria.

Other European countries using older F-16AM models in the fight against IS are Belgium and Denmark. Similar F-16 models are also used by Jordan. The US and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) use more advanced F-16s.

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Featured image: A pair of RNLAF F-16s (Image © Ministerie van Defensie)