Mesa Airlines signs for nine CRJ900s

The Mesa Air Group of Phoenix in Arizona, better known as Mesa Airlines, has signed a firm purchase agreement for seven CRJ900 NextGen aircraft on 12 March 2015.

The order is valued at about US$ 326 million. As one of the largest CRJ900 aircraft operators, Mesa Airlines currently operates 57 CRJ900 aircraft with 79 seats in a dual-class interior and 20 CRJ700 with 66 to 70 seats in a three-class interior.

Like many newer aircraft the CRJ NextGen family has enhanced winglets for improved performance and lower fuel burn. Its cruising speed is about Mach 0.78 but can reach up to Mach 0.85. The planes are popular amongst regional operating companies.

Source: Bombardier
Featured image: A Bombardier PR image of the CRJ900. (Image © Bombardier)