Spanish transports for European Air Transport Command

On Monday 9 March, a total of 25 Spanish Air Force transport and tanker aircraft came under the authority of European Air Transport Command (EATC) at Eindhoven airbase in the Netherlands. Spain became an EATC member in 2014, but maintained full authority over its fleet up until now.

Spain is the sixth nation to transfer command over its transport and tanker capacity to EATC. Others were Germany, Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. The first Spanish aircraft to fly an EATC-assigned mission was a Lockheed C-130 Hercules from Air Transport Wing 31, stationed in Zaragoza. It departed on Monday from Torrejon Airbase (near Madrid) via Algeria to Libreville.

In total, the EATC assigned air fleet now consists of 189 aircraft. Among those are now Spanish C-130s, Boeing 707s and C-295s.

Source: EATC