A Boeing 777 of Orenair (Image (CC) Fedor Leukhin)

More American planes to service Crimea

American-made aircraft will provide more airline services to the Crimean peninsula. Both Ikar and Orenair (Orenburg Airlines) will start regular flights the coming month to Simferopol Airport, both using Boeing planes.

On 29 April the first Boeing 767 of Ikar – a brand owned by Pegas Fly – will start operations between Irkutsk and the regional capital of the Crimean peninsula, which Russia took over by force from Ukraine in February and March 2014. Flights will last until 20 October which room for about 300 passengers per flight.

On June 5 Orenair joins in – also from Irkutsk – with an even bigger Boeing 777.

Sources: Ikar / Orenair
Featured image: A Boeing 777 of Orenair (Image (CC) Fedor Leukhin)