The new Mi-8AMTSh of the Russian Army Aviation (Image © Russian Helicopters)

Dozen Hips to Belarus

Belarus buys 12 Mil Mi-17 (“Hip”) helicopters from Russia, Russian state arms agency Rostec confirmed. The deal has not been put in ink yet, like some media reported earlier, but the contract will be signed soon.

A company spokesman shortly addressed the Belarus deal during the IDEX in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, last weekend.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union Belarus scrapped many helicopters. But the Belarus Air Force currently still holds 25 Mi-8s and Mi-17s on strength, next to 4 or 5 Mi-26s and about 20 Mi-35 (“Hind”) attack helicopters.

© 2015 editor Marcel Burger
Featured image: A “Hip” of the Russian Army Aviation somewhat similar as the ones being sold to Belarus (Image © Russian Helicopters)