First Twin Otter 400s bound for Fiji

Viking Air – the company that produces the De Havilland of Canada legacy Twin Otter – sold two of the Series 400 to Fuji, marking the first time the type is sold to a customer on this islands nation.

The aircraft will be operated by Walker Corporation, headquartered in of Sydney, Australia. They will serve as luxury transport for resort guests and will be configured with 19-passenger interior, air conditioning, and amphibious floats for both runway and water-based operation. “We are opening a luxury six star resort later this year on Yaukuve Island in Fiji, and want guests to enjoy every aspect of their stay from start to finish. Our amphibious float-equipped Series 400 Twin Otter will provide guests with first class service,” says Lang Walker, Executive Chairman of the aviation company.

Walker is expecting the two new Twin Otter Series 400 in the second quarter of 2015.

Source: Viking Air
Featured image: The two most sold versions of the Viking Air Guardian Twin Otter 400, with wheels and with amphibious floats (Image © Viking Air)