An Egyptian Air Force F-16 involved in the February action in Libya (Footage © Egyptian Ministry of Defence)

Egyptian F-16s called into action

Egyptian F-16s were called into action against Islamic State forces in Libya, striking weapons depots and training locations near the city of Darna. The ministry of Defense released a video of F-16s taking off from an unknown airbase. More strikes took place on Monday.

The strikes are a direct response to the apparent murder of 21 Egyptians by ISIS / ISIL / Daech. Egypt has a substantial F-16 fleet, consisting of 228 aircraft Block 42 standard or higher. Older A and B models have been upgraded. Newer C and D versions are the most numerous. The aircraft in the video below is a D model, although the aircraft does not seem to be armed with bombs. Another version of the same clip however shows armed F-16s.

Egypt has the 4th largest Lockheed Martin (General Dynamics) F-16 fleet of the world, after the United States (about 1,200), Israel (287-319 operational) and Turkey (236). ISIS is strong in Syria and Iraq, but its affiliated armed groups in Libya are less known.

© 2015 editors Elmer van Hest and Marcel Burger
Featured image (top): An Egyptian Air Force F-16D like this one was sent into Libya to bomb ISIS
(Image © Egyptian Ministry of Defence)