Artist impression of the Bell 407GT tactical helicopter (Image © Bell Helicopter)

Bell hoping for Asian order for armed 407GT

Bell Helicopter is hoping for an Asian order for its 407GT, an armed scout helicopter based on the standard 407GX (JetRanger) model. It will try to emphasize its latest military rotorcraft offer during the upcoming Aero India 2015, held from 18 to 22 February at Air Force Station Yelahanka in Bengaluru.

“The Bell 407GT tactical helicopter is ideal for armed reconnaissance surveillance, bringing together the Garmin G1000H flight deck with precision weapons capability”, the company writes in a statement.

The militarized version of the 407GX will have daylight/infrared sensors and will be able to guide missiles to their targets with laser guidance. The APKWS rocket system is designed against lightly armoured targets. The Garmin flight deck is concentrated around two 10.4 inch, multi-function LCD screens. Even when fully armed, the chopper can still carry troops in the passenger section of the cabin.

With the 407GT Bell continues the legacy of the military 406 and OH-58 Kiowa. The US Army intends to keep most of its current 360 of the D-models of the Kiowa operational, with the Republic of China Army (Taiwan) flying 39 of the D-type. Austria has 11 Kiowas while the Dominican Air Force operates nine A-models. The Saudi Arabian Army operates thirteen 406CS combat scout versions.

© 2015 editor Marcel Burger, based on source information provided by Bell Helicopter
Featured image: Artist impression of the Bell 407GT tactical helicopter (Image © Bell Helicopter)