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UAE F-16s back in the game fighting ISIS

UPDATED 8 FEBRUARY 2015, 22:35 UTC | The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is back in the game of fighting the so-called Islamic State forces (ISIS / ISIL) in Syria and Iraq. UAE’s state news agency WAM reported on Sunday 8 February that the UAE Air Force is sending a squadron of F-16s to Jordan. Later that day, the first F-16s arrived in Jordan already. Pics of the ferry flight are found here, several pics of their arrival are here.

The Emirates suspended their direct involvement in the US coordinated Operation Inherent Resolve a month ago, after a Royal Jordanian Air Force (RJAF) F-16 jock was captured by ISIS. Earlier this week Jordan intensified its air strikes in anger, after it became apparent that ISIS burnt the captured Jordanian pilot alive. Sources say the Jordanians concentrate their attacks on targets in and around Raqqa, with the US providing operational and logistic support.

Interesting bit on the UAE F-16s is that the UAE national flag on the tail of some aircraft appears to have been removed. According to Jordanian officials the UAE jets will participate again in direct combat. However, neither the UAE or Jordanian government have officially acknowledged which role the UAE Air Force Desert Falcons will play.

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Featured image (top): The UAEAF F-16s upon arrival in Jordan. (Image © Jordan Armed Forces)

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NBC Correspondent Keir Simmons published footage on the social media platform Vine of RJAF F-16s taking off from one of their bases