One of the AN-158s in Cubana livery (Image © Antonov)

New Antonovs on their way to Cuba and North Korea

If everything goes according to plan Cubana will start flying its sixth Antonov An-158 short- and medium haul passenger jet in February 2015.

Antonov announced the transfer is planned for this month. At the same time the Kiev, Ukraine, based manufacturer welcomed a team from Air Koryo at the end of January. The group will evaluate and test this North Korean airline’s second An-148 that is planned to start operations in February or March 2015. Air Koryo, with its headquarters in Pyongyang, also ordered at least one AN-158.

Meanwhile no word yet about a possible series production of the AN-70 military airlifter, despite green light from Ukrainian authorities. The aircraft finished flight testing last year, but the war in Eastern Ukraine with pro-Russian rebels and regular Russian army troops is depleting the Ukrainian government from funds. An export customer might give Antonov some relief.

Source: Antonov
Featured image: One of the AN-158s in Cubana livery (Image © Antonov)