An Italian Police UH-139C (AW139) (Image © AgustaWestland)

All Italian Police AW139s now operational

The Italian Police put its final of eight received AgustaWestland UH-139C (AW139) intermediate twin-engine helicopters into service last month, after it was delivered just before the beginning of 2015.

They operate from five different bases: Pratica di Mare close to Rome (3), Reggio Calabria (2), Bari (1), Palermo (1) and Fenosu (1). The Polizia’s AW139s are equipped with a FLIR, satellite communication system, searchlight, rescue hoist, cabin mission console and a high definition video capabilities. The law enforcement organisation makes good use of its new choppers, already clocking more than 1500 hours of flight.

The police has trained fifty officers to man the aircraft 24/7, with 70 technicians to maintain the rotary wing.

Source: AgustaWestland
Featured image: An Italian Police UH-139C (AW139) (Image © AgustaWestland)