A RNLAF NH90 in flight (Image © Koninklijke Marine)

Netherlands upgrades NH90 helicopters

The Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF) is upgrading its new NH90 helicopters, while the type is still in its delivery phase.

Danish Terma has struck a deal with the RNLAF to integrate the company’s Modular Aircraft Survivability (MASE) Pod onto the NH90, which are operated as shipborne helicopters on the Royal Netherlands Navy frigates, amphibian command ships and supply vessels.

The MASE Pod holds Electronic Warfare Management System, ALQ-213 in the latest version, Missile Warning sensors, and Chaff/Flare Dispenser modules. The modular design allows for future integration of coming sensors and new requirements. Terma has collaborated with the RNLAF and The Netherlands’ Defence Materiel Organization for more than 20 years, integrating the EW suite on many RNLAF aircraft.

Terma develpoed the MASE pod originally for installation on the AH-64D Apache in 2003. Since then, the modularity of the pod has enabled tailoring for other helicopter platforms including the EH-101, Mi-17, Mi-24, AS550 Fennec, CH-47F Chinook (MASE in CHASE version), AS532 U2 Cougar Mk2, on F-16 fighters and C-130H transport aircraft.

The Netherlands ordered 20 NH90s, with the country resuming acceptance of the European-manufactured chopper in December after many problems were found. One of the RNLAF NH90s currently serves on board the Dutch Navy’s Landing Platform Dock Johan de Witt, on its way to fight pirates, together with two Swedish HKP 15 choppers.

Source: Terma / the Netherlands Ministry of Defence
Featured image: A RNLAF NH90 in flight (Image © Koninklijke Marine)

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