It was daring move by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), designing and building its own utility helicopter; the Dhruv ('Polaris'). This Indian army Dhruv is seen doing a display for potential buyers. (Image © Elmer van Hest)

Dhruv disaster for Ecuadorian Air Force

The Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) Dhruv doesn’t have an easy life in Ecuadorian Air Force service. After severe problems the type’s operations are now restricting, reports the Mumbai-based English daily DNA.

Two of seven aircraft delivered in 2007 have crashed, one caught fire on 27 January 2015 while another had a major problem about a week earlier.

The Ecuadorian Air Force confirmed it has now restricted the operations with the three remaining Dhruvs that so far haven’t been in any incident yet.

Since 1992 HAL has produced more than 200 Dhruvs, which are extensively used by the Indian Air Force, Indian Army Aviation, Indian Navy and other Indian government services. Military versions have been exported to Ecuador, Surinam, Israel, the Maldives and Nepal.

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Featured image: An Indian Army Dhruv (Image © Elmer van Hest)

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