Tu-95 intercepted by the RAF (Image © UK Ministry of Defence)

Russian Bears are out again

In the cold skies over the English Channel, Royal Air Force Eurofighter Typhoons met up with Russian Tu-95 Bears again on Wednesday 28 January. The Russian long range bombers aircraft were detected by the RAF Control and Reporting Centre in Boulmer, after which two Typhoons were scrambled from RAF Lossiemouth in Scotland.

The Typhoons visually identified and escorted the Russian aircraft through and out of the UK Flight Information Region (FIR). The Bears did not enter UK airspace. Air-to-air refueling for the Typhoons was provided by an Airbus Voyager MRTT from Brize Norton. Total mission time for the entire mission was 12 hours,  according to the RAF.

Last year, Russian aircraft became a familiar sight in Europe. Not only strategic bombers, but also tactical bombers such as the Su-34 Fullback showed themselves, sometimes at very close range. According to NATO, over 400 intercepts were carried out on Russian aircraft in 2014. Especially 28 and 29 October proved to be busy days.

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Featured image: Tu-95 intercepted by the RAF (Image © UK Ministry of Defence)