Nice numbers for TBM

French aircraft manufacturer Daher-Socata on Tuesday 20 January said its order intake in 2014 was 64 aircraft, making it the best year ever for its most famous product, the TBM family of fast turboprop aircraft. Also, it delivered 51 new TBM 900s in 2014, which represented a 27-percent increase from 2013.

The majority of TBM 900s purchased in 2014 were for customers in the U.S. and Canadian markets (representing 78 percent), while new business also came from other key aviation regions of the world. South America accounted for 10 percent, mostly in Brazil; Europe was next, with 8 percent of the sales; and Asia-Pacific represented the remaining 4 percent.

The TBM 900 deliveries in 2014 bring total TBM-series aircraft received by customers to 713 units, with this global fleet accumulating more than 1.2 million flight hours as of January 15.

Source: Daher-Socata