Computer rendering of the E195 (Image © Embraer)

Kalstar first Embraer operator Indonesia

Kalstar Aviation, a regional airliner based in the province of Kalimantan on Borneo Island, is the first Embraer operator of Indonesia. On 13 January the airline started flights with two E195s, which it received from Aldus Aviation of Ireland.

Established in 2007, Kalstar Aviation – Kalstar is short for ‘Kalimantan Star’ – has been connecting passengers to cities in the province of Kalimantan – an area known for mining and agriculture. The E195s will operate to and from Kalimantan on routes within Indonesia, although which routes will be announced later.

The E-Jets family entered revenue service in 2004. Currently, E-Jets are operated by 65 airlines from 45 countries. In June 2013, Embraer launched the second generation of the E-Jets family – the E-Jets E2 – the first of which is scheduled to enter service in 2018.

Embraer delivered 30 commercial and 52 business jets, 38 light and 14 large jets, during the fourth quarter of 2014 (4Q14), thus closing out the year with 92 airplanes delivered to the commercial airline market and 116 to the executive aviation market, that is, 92 light and 24 large jets. On December 31, the firm order backlog stood at USD 20.9 billion.

Source: Embraer

Computer rendering of the E195 (Image © Embraer)
Computer rendering of the E195 (Image © Embraer)