The Kazan ANSAT cleared for passenger flight (Image © Russian Helicopters)

Kazan Ansat cleared for commercial passenger flights

The Ansat light utility helicopter originally developped as the Ansat-U for the Russian military, has been cleared to carry passengers on the commercial market by the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) – the Russian equivalen of the US Federal Aviation Authority.

In order to comply to the IAC rules, designer Kazan made modifications to the design. Amongst others its stability was improved, its take-off weight was increased to 7930 lbs (3,600 kg) and equipment for passenger transport was installed.

As a utility helicopter the Ansat was already cleared for commercial usage since August 2013, but that did not include passenger transport.

The Kazan Helicopter Plant (KHP) has been improving the Ansat for civilian business since the first one was certified in 2011. The chopper has a hydromechanical control system (GMSU), and an earlier version even had a best-wire flight control system (CCS-A), in which Kazan has been one of the leading companies in the world.

The Ansat is tested other extreme conditions and according to its manufacturer can be parked outside in hot and freezing conditions without any operational problems. Russian Helicopters markets the chopper not only for cargo or passenger transport, but also as a surveillance, search and rescue, fire-fighting and medical evacuation platfrom. Start of helicopter deliveries to civilian customers is scheduled for 2015, while the first Russian Air Force cadets already graduated on the machine last year.

© 2015 editor Marcel Burger, based on source information provided by Russian Helicopters

The Kazan ANSAT cleared for passenger flight (Image © Russian Helicopters)
The Kazan Ansat cleared for passenger flight (Image © Russian Helicopters)