Yet more Airbus choppers to Spain

Airbus Helicopters has completed delivery of the first NH90 GSPA tactical transport helicopter and first two Tiger helicopters in the new HAD-E version, all destined for the Spanish Army Airmobile Force (FAMET). These three helicopters were assembled in the Spanish plant in Albacete, which successfully carried out the industrial phase, airworthiness certification and technical acceptance. The delivery follows that of several Airbus Helicopters to Spain earlier.

Airbus Helicopters will supply a total of 22 NH90 helicopters to the Spanish Armed Forces under a delivery schedule that continues through to 2021. The Spanish plant is responsible for assembly of all the NH90 helicopters for the Spanish Armed Forces, along with manufacture of the front fuselage section both for the Spanish helicopters and for those destined for export.

The Spanish version of the NH90, the GSPA, has been designed to perform technical missions such as troop transport, search and rescue missions, personnel recovery and medical evacuation. It is equipped for day and night operations in all types of environments.

As for the combat helicopters, Tiger deliveries belong to the new HAD-E version, which offers numerous advantages compared to the HAP-E Tigers currently in service: a new MTR-E turboshaft with 14 percent  more power, an improved optronic vision system, Spike air-to-ground missiles, an Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) system coupled with an interrogator and a new electronic warfare and countermeasure system.

The Spanish Army purchased a total of 24 of these helicopters. To date, six HAP-E Tiger helicopters have been delivered to the Attack Helicopter Battalion. Their satisfactory deployment in Afghanistan during 2013 represents an important milestone for this helicopter.

Source: Airbus Helicopters

Nice colours on those Spanish helos. (Image © Airbus Helicopters)
Nice colours on those Spanish helos. (Image © Airbus Helicopters)