Picture Perfect Pilatus

Pilatus Aircraft in Stans, Switzerland, had a little celebration going on on Tuesday 16 December, as the company was established in Stans exactly 75 years ago, on 16 December 1939. Providing a perfect picture for this anniversary was a PC-12 NG in a paint scheme designed by renowned and 105 year-old Swiss painter Hans Erni.

The royal blue background of the PC-12 NG is decorated with white horses, doves of peace and a depiction of Pegasus, all drawn by Hans Erni. The animals were chosen to symbolise the PC-12 NG’s credentials as a workhorse whilst also underlining its flight characteristics.

Today, putting the finishing touch to his work, Hans Erni added his signature and the date to the PC-12 NG’s engine cowling at his workshop in Lucerne, thereby ensuring that this particular aircraft, series number 1515, remains absolutely unique.

Private pilot
Hans Erni is a painter, graphic artist and sculptor of international repute. He has created countless lithographs, over 300 posters and several murals for the Swiss Red Cross, the IOC, UNO, UNESCO and the ICAO, as well as numerous public and private businesses. Erni qualified as a private pilot in 1946 and many of his works of art are dedicated to aviation.

Pilatus has sold over 1,300 PC-12s since the aircraft was launched in 1994, making it one of the world’s most successful turboprop aircraft ever. The “Hans Erni PC-12” will be on display at numerous air shows and conventions next year, including EBACE in Geneva, Aero Expo in Friedrichshafen, JetExpo in Moscow and the Paris Air Show.

Source: Pilatus

It is indeed a perfect picture Pilatus. (Image © Pilatus)
It is indeed a perfect picture Pilatus. (Image © Pilatus)