The Mi-171Sh-P in Peruvian Army livery (Image © Russian Helicopters)

Peru receives first four Mi-171Sh-P

The Ministry of defense of Peru accepted the first four new Mil Mi-171Sh tactical helicopters at the Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant, part of the state firm Russian Helicopters, on 2 December 2014. The transfer comes a month ahead of schedule.

Under the contract signed in December 2013 Peru will be receive 24 helicopters: 8 in 2014, the rest in 2015. Moreover, Russian Helicopters builds a maintenance centre in Peru to maintain the choppers and maybe even those of neighbouring countries.

The batch Mi-171Sh choppers will leave for Peru this week, on board an AN-124 Ruslan. Already on 9 December the quartet is planned to take part in the official celebrations of the Day of the Land Forces of Peru.

Peru requested the especially equipped Mi-171Sh to operate even in adverse weather conditions, day and night. The helicopters can accommodate up to 26 paratroopers. Full loading and unloading can be done by two sliding doors and an electro-ramp that needs 8 seconds to touch the ground. The Peruvian machines are officially designated Mi-171Sh-P.

The new choppers are not the first Russian helicopters in the Latin American country. Between July 2010 and October 2011 Peru acquired six Mi-171Sh for transport and a pair of Mil Mi-35P (Hind) attack helicopters. Since the 1970s Lima already bought about 100 Soviet and Russian made rotary wings, including Mi-8s (Hip) and Mi-24s (Hind).

Source: Russian Helicopters

It is some week for Peru when it comes to its build-up of military air assets.
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The Mi-171Sh-P in Peruvian Army livery (Image © Russian Helicopters)
The Mi-171Sh-P in Peruvian Army livery (Image © Russian Helicopters)