Lightning in slow mo

Lockheed Martin described the recent F-35C carrier trials as ‘a succes’ on Monday 26 November. We’ll have to take their word for it, but the footage sure looks great, as evident in this brand new video.

As reported earlier here on, the F-35C recorded an amazing zero bolters in its two weeks of carrier trials. Together, both test aircraft completed 33 flights for a combined 39.2 flight hours, performed over 123 catapult launches from the carrier, 222 planned touch and goes, plus 124 ‘trap’ landings.

Meanwhile, the UK on 21 November officially signed the earlier announced deal for four F-35Bs, while on the same day, the Pentagon award a contract to Lockheed Martin worth 4.7 billion USD including those same four F-35Bs, plus 29 aircraft for the US and another nine for four other countries: Israel, Japan, Norway and Italy.

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