Hotness from a cool place

As we wrote earlier here, Iceland is a place of desolate icy, rocky wilderness. Or is it?  Czech Air Force Saab JAS 39 Gripen pilots know there’s more to it since taking up NATO’s Iceland Air Policing mission in October. They still have two weeks to go before  ending their shift and flying home to Čáslav in the Czech Republic on 3 December.

And what else to do with a lot of time and airspace on your hands? Well, grab a GoPro, shoot some takes and have them edited and shown by exclusively of course! A Gripen pilot took the camera up in the famous Tiger Gripen and found out there’s hotness in Iceland also. We see him taxiing his aircraft in the barren landscape that is Keflavik airbase, we see him filming his wingman in another JAS 39C armed with live AIM-9 air-to-air missiles and longe range fuel tanks, and finally we see him arriving back at the safety of the hardened aircraft shelter.

It is remarkable that the Czech managed to hold together two Quick Reaction Alerts (QRA) simultaneously, seperated by 1,500 miles of land and sea. However, the Czech Air Force commander recently remarked that his air force would be better of with an additional six Gripens on top of just 14 existing aircraft.

When the Gripens return to the Czech Republic, normality will return to Čáslav, as decribed in this feature. If the Gripen pilots want to remember their time in Iceland, well, there’s always the video.

© 2014 editor Elmer van Hest, with special thanks to Tomáš Maruščák and Kamil Kopáč

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(Image © Milan-Nykodym)
(Image © Milan-Nykodym)
(Image © Tomáš Maruščák)
What’s new? Weather wasn’t always in favour in Iceland. (Image © Tomáš Maruščák)
(Image © Kamil Kopáč)
But up there, it’s always better. (Image © Kamil Kopáč)
(Image © Tomáš Maruščák)
Back inside the safety and dryness of the aircraft shelter. (Image © Tomáš Maruščák)