Scorpion Jet joins forces with Honeywell

At, we love the aircraft and therefore, we love the engine. Textron AirLand has chosen the Honeywell Aerospace TFE731-40AR-3S engine as the production aircraft engine supplier for the Scorpion aircraft, as announced on Thursday 13 November. The engine was previously selected for the development stage of the program, and this agreement has now been extended to the aircraft production phase. Meanwhile, the test program has reached 250 flight hours in 100 flights, says Textron AirLand.

The Scorpion is designed to perform a range of diverse missions and offers intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and strike capabilities against low operating costs. The lightweight TFE731 engine complements the aircraft’s multipurpose role, as it provides the required power and reliability while on the other hand reducing operator expenses due to its longer inspection intervals, low parts count and low fuel consumption.

The TFE731-40AR-3S engine is the latest evolution of the TFE731 family of engines that entered service in 1972. It has accumulated more than 90 million hours of operation with more than 13,000 engines delivered.

The prototype Scorpion first flew from Wichita, Kansas on 12 December 2013. Its out-of-the-box concept, sudden appearance, relatively low development costs and distinctive looks surprised many in the world of aviation. The prototype has since visited many airshows. It also went transatlantic to visit the Fairford and Farnborough airshows in the United Kingdom.

Source: Honeywell Aerospace

Lookin' tough: the Textron Airland Scorpion. (Image © Textron Airland)
Lookin’ tough: the Textron AirLand Scorpion. (Image © Textron Airland)