New batch of Russian Mi-8MTV helicopters

A row of three factory fresh Mi-8MTV-5-1 helicopters. (Image © Russian Helicopters)
A row of three factory fresh Mi-8MTV-5-1 helicopters. (Image © Russian Helicopters)

Russian Helicopters has delivered a batch of Mi-8MTV-5-1 military transport helicopters to Russia’s Defence Ministry, the company said on Friday 10 October 2014. The Mi-8MTV-5-1 is also known by its Mi-17V-5 export name.

The helicopters were built at the Kazan Helicopters complex and were delivered as part of the Defence Ministry’s Single Acceptance Day for deliveries of military products. This year alone, Russian Helicopters supplied Russia’s Armed Forces with three Mi-8MTV-5-1s, and plan further deliveries of one Mi-8MTV-2, an additional 17 Mi-8MTV-5-1s and six Ansat-Us built at Kazan Helicopters,” Russian Helicopters CEO Alexander Mikheev said. The Russian Defence Ministry is the company’s largest client.

The Mi-8MTV-5-1s delivered to the Defence Ministry underwent extensive testing and were accepted by the 639th Military Representation before being transferred to their duty station. The Mi-8MTV-5-1 is supplied to Russia’s military and law-enforcement agencies, and is designed to transport up to 4,000 kg of cargo and equipment.

The helicopter can also fly search-and-rescue missions and carry out a number of specialised tasks. The cockpit includes lighting systems specially adapted to allow the use of night-vision goggles, enabling the helicopter to fly in hours of darkness at low and extremely low altitudes, and to land on and take off from unprepared sites.

Russian Helicopters delivers its full line-up of military helicopters to the ministry: the light Ka-226 and Ansat-U training model, Mi-8/17 series transport models, the multi-role combat Mi-35M, the combat Mi-28N Night Hunter (including the dual-control version) and Ka-52 Alligator, as well as the heavy Mi-26 transport helicopter and helicopters for the Navy.

Source: Russian Helicopters