Dutch F-16s drop first bombs in Iraq

Hands up! When the ground crew check the aircraft after landing, pilots have to show them they're not touching anything! (Image © Dennis Spronk)
An archive shot of a Royal Netherlands Air Force F-16. (Image © Dennis Spronk)

Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF) F-16AM aircraft dropped their first bombs on Islamic State (ISIS) targets in northern Iraq on Tuesday, the Dutch MoD confirmed. The F-16s arrived in Jordan last week to join the air campaign over Iraq.

Two F-16s delivered a total of three bombs, destroying ISIS vehicles involved in fights with Kurdish troops. The air strike follows that of Belgian F-16s over the weekend. US airstrikes have been ongoing for weeks in Iraq and Syria, with aircraft from Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates also attacking targets.

The RNLAF has dispatched eight F-16s to Jordan, including two reserves.

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