One of three C-17A Globemasters of the the NATO/EU Heavy Airlift Wing, taking off from Linköping-Malmen in Sweden (Image © Marcel Burger)

European Heavy Airlift C-17 supports MH17 ops

One of the ,,international customers'' of the C-17 is the NATO Heavy Airlift Wing at Papa in Hungary (Image © Marcel Burger)
One of Heavy Airlift Wing’s C-17s taking off (Image © Marcel Burger)

One of the three C-17A Globemaster III strategic airlifters of the Pápa, Hungary, based NATO/European Strategic Airlift Capability Heavy Airlift Wing will carry out an airlift mission to Kharkiv (Charkov), Ukraine, to support the investigation of the civilian commercial aircraft Malaysia Airlines MH17 crash.

The mission is flown upon request from the Netherlands. The C-17 will transport a K-Loader cargo aircraft deck loader vehicle that will be used to provide logistics support to the investigation. Royal Netherlands Air Force C-130H Hercules’s and a Royal Australian Air Force C-17A and RAAF Airbus KC-30 are already involved in the MH17 / Bring Them Home mission.

The Heavy Airlift Wing based at Pápa Air Base is the operational arm of the multinational Strategic Airlift Capability (SAC). The three C-17s became operational in 2009 and its aircraft fleet has achieved over 14.000 flying hours. The SAC Nations consist of the NATO members Hungary, Bulgaria, Estonia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovenia and the United States and NATO Partnership for Peace nations Finland and Sweden.

Source: SAC-HAW with additional reporting by editor Marcel Burger

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