50th Airbus A380 to Emirates

The 50th Airbus A380 to Emirates (Image © Bengt Lange, www.bildwerk-lange.de / Airbus)
The 50th Airbus A380 to Emirates (Image © Bengt Lange, www.bildwerk-lange.de / Airbus)

Emirates accepted its 50th Airbus A380 on 10 July 2014, the 136th aircraft of the type in total that comes from the production line.

Following delivery of their first A380 in July 2008, Emirates took delivery of their 25th A380 in October 2012. All Emirates’ A380s are powered by Engine Alliance GP7200 engines. The airline has 140 A380s on order.

For the ferry flight from Airbus’s facility in Hamburg to Dubai the aircraft was loaded with 41 tonnes of relief goods. This is the biggest amount which has ever been transported on a single flight organised by the Airbus Corporate Foundation. The goods will be deployed in cooperation with ACF (Action Contre la Faim) to a UN Humanitarian Response Depot in Dubai.

Since first entering service in 2007, the A380 has joined the fleets of 11 world class carriers. The aircraft flies 8,500 nautical miles (15,700 kilometres) non-stop, carrying more people at lower cost and with less impact on the environment. The spacious, quiet cabin and smooth ride have made the A380 a firm favorite with both airlines and passengers, resulting in higher load factors wherever it flies.

The total A380 fleet has accumulated over 1.4 million flight hours in more than 172,000 commercial flights. To date over 60 million passengers have already enjoyed the unique experience of flying on board an A380. Every four minutes, an A380 either takes off or lands at one of the 37 airports where it operates today and the network is constantly growing.

Source: Airbus