Challenger 350 breaks first to NetJets

The first new Challenger 350 goes to NetJets (Image © Bombardier)
The first new Challenger 350 goes to NetJets (Image © Bombardier)

Seen in a beautiful break in the blue yonder, the new Bombardier Challenger 350 has reached its first customer. NetJets, a Berkshire Hathaway private aviation company, got the premier plane at the Westchester County Airport in White Plains, New York.

Another seven Challenger 350s will make their way to NetJets this year, and more than 192 of the renewed model are already in the books of Canadian manufacturer Bombardier for delivery between now and 2024.

If you have never heard of NetJets, then your up for a shock: the company has ordered no less than 670 new state-of-the-art jets for up to 17.6 billion dollars since 2010 with several companies. Bombardier has been contracted for 38 of these aircraft, including 13 Global 5000 and 6000s.

The new Challenger 350 is a further development of the 300 series, which had its first flight in 2001. The 350 flies up to 3,200 nautical miles (5,926 km) at a cruise speed of 459 knots (528 mph or 850 kmh. The bizjet can climb 5,000 feet/min with 38,850 lb (17,622 kg) of gross weight, which is rather impressive for this type of aircraft. The new engines have lower emissions. Although one could squeeze 16 passengers into the Challenger 350, the jet will normally provide some nice room for only eight people.

Source: Bombardier