Czech LOM Praha in Iraqi Hind talks

Former Czech Mil Mi-24 Hinds may be on the way to the Iraqi Army. It’s pretty safe to say the pending deal is about seven Mi-24V Hinds that LOM Praha said to AIRheads↑Fly were ‘for sale’ last Feburary. (Image © Dennis Spronk)

The Czech aviation maintenance and refurbishment company LOM Praha is currently in talks with the Iraqi government about supplying the militant-plagued nation with ex-Czech armed forces Mil Mi-24 Hinds. The deal almost certainly involves the seven Mi-24V Hinds that AIRheads↑Fly already mentioned following our February visit to LOM Praha

LOM Praha is acting on behalf of a official request by the Czech Ministry of Defence, a spokesperson of the department confirmed on 21 June 2014. The deal also involves modification of the attack helicopters.

Baghdad is finding ways to beef up its air power, especially now that rebel ISIS forces have taken over large parts of the country in recent weeks and are threatening other government control areas. The situation even worries the United States, which has sent “military advisors” to support the Iraqi military.

A line up of ex-Czech Air Force Mil Mi-24 Hinds, seen last February at the LOM Praha facility near Kbely airbase, Prague. (Image © Dennis Spronk)

The Czech defence spokesperson says there are currently no plans to withdraw any of the current active Hinds within the Czech armed forces, but that Prague is happy to let LOM Praha modernise and deliver any Mi-24s it has or can find to meet Iraqi needs.

During AIRheads↑Fly visit to the LOM Praha plant earlier this year, our editors noticed seven surplus decommissioned Hinds, including Mi-24Vs. A spokesperson at LOM Praha confirmed at the time the helicopters were for sale.

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