That’s a cool German Jumbojet!

The 75th Boeing 747 for Lufthansa takes of in Seattle (Image © Boeing)
The 75th Boeing 747 for Lufthansa takes of in Seattle (Image © Boeing)

No matter the number – this is Boeing 75th 747 to Lufthansa – the Jumbojet still looks all, in German or actually in any other livery./strong>

The lucky number actually is already officially part of the Lufthansa family since almost a week now, but as executive vice president of the Fleet Management of the airliner states: “Lufthansa is proud to share this milestone with Boeing. The 747 is an amazing airplane and will continue to delight our passengers for many years to come, and provide them with the ultimate in comfort and efficiency.”

Lufthansa is the launch customer for the 747-8 Intercontinental jetliner and took delivery of the first one in April 2012. The airplane delivered Wednesday is Lufthansa’s 13th 747-8 Intercontinental. The airline currently flies the Jumbojet to 22 destinations in 10 countries. Lufthansa’s first 747 – a 747-100 – was delivered in 1970. The airline was also the first to order the 747-200 Freighter.

So far Boeing the 747-8 has accumulated 120 orders for passenger and cargo versions, 68 of which have been delivered.

Source: Boeing

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