Special mission for first ever Cessna CJ4s to Japan

The Cessna Citation CJ4 in flight (Image © Cessna)
The Cessna Citation CJ4 in flight (Image © Cessna)

The Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Civil Aviation Bureau (JCAB) has ordered three Citation CJ4s through their special mission affiliate Kanematsu Corporation of Japan. The deal marks the first ever sale of these Cessna jets to Japan ever.

The JCAB’s CJ4s will be equipped with flight inspection systems and as part of their mission will confirm the accuracy of air navigation capabilities, air routes, and air traffic control facilities.

Being originally a light business jet to seat up to eight people, the CJ4 can also bring a cargo load of 2,070 pounds (939 kg) over a distance of 1,920 nautical miles (3,556 km) before it needs to land for fuel. The aircraft are certified to be handled by a single pilot, who can bring up the plane to its maximum cruise speed of 451 knots (835 km/h), a service ceiling of 45,000 feet (13,716 m) with a climb rate of 3,854 feet per minute (1,175 meter pm).

The CJ4 flies with two dual-channel, FADEC-controlled, Williams FJ44-4A turbofans that provide 3,621 pounds (16.11 kN) of take-off thrust at sea level. The engines need an overhaul after every 5,000 flight hours.

Source: Cessna