The AW189 during a test flight (Image © Agusta Westland)

Dubai armed forces get 6 Agusta Westland helicopters

The AW189 during a test flight (Image © Agusta Westland)
The AW189 during a test flight (Image © Agusta Westland)

Starting this year the armed forces of Dubai will get the first of six new AgustaWestland helicopters. Two orders were confirmed at the end of 2013, with one chopper for the Dubai Air Wing and five to the Dubai Police.

The Dubai Air Wing has placed an order for one AW189 8-tonne class twin engine helicopter to perform VIP transport missions. This contract is the first order for a VIP transport-configured AW189 and marks the entrance of the AW189 into the United Arab Emirates.

The AW189 has a large 11.2m3 cabin with four large cabin windows on each side. A further 2.4m3 of baggage space is provided behind the main cabin. Additionally the use of the aircraft’s auxiliary power unit whilst on the ground to provide air conditioning ensures passengers remain comfortable whatever the outside temperature, without the need to engage the rotors.

The AW189 has a 50 minute ‘run-dry’ capable main gear box, meaning it should be reliable for long range offshore operations as well. The AW189 is a new model, first deliveries are just commencing as we speak.

The Dubai Police will operate five AW169 light intermediate helicopters, the first in Southwest Asia. They will perform a range of missions including law enforcement, emergency medical services and VIP transport.

The AW169 is a twin engine light intermediate category helicopter, in the 4.5 tonne classe. With all four prototypes having logged more than 500 flight hours so far, the AW169 will likely get its flight clearance certification in 2014.

The Dubai armed forces are part of the United Arab Emirates air fleets.

Source: AgustaWestland

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