Take-off of an AN-140-100 in Russian livery (Image © Aviacor)

Russia will produce own military AN-140s

The Russian Aviacor aircraft manufacturing plant will start producing Russia’s own military Antonov AN-140s from the year 2017, the company director confirmed to Russian press agency RAI Novosti. Thereby the Russian Armed Forces will fly both AN-140s and IL-112Vs as short- and medium-haul tactical airlifters, since the Ilyushin design bureau already got an order for 60 IL-112Vs.

How many of the AN-140S (side door) and AN-140T (ramp) types will be produced by Aviacor has not been released. Aviacor currently already assembles AN-140-100s under license from Ukranian Antonov. Apparently the recent combined visit of a Ukranian-Russian delegation to Antonov included the signing of transfer of technology and production rights to Russia for the new military versions of the AN-140s.

The new Antonov aircraft – both produced in Ukraine and Russia – will replace AN-24s (NATO reporting name Coke), AN-26 (Curl), AN-30s (Clank), AN-32s (Cline) and the Yak-40 (Codling), Aviacor said in an October press release. Together with the IL-112V that is if one looks at the order of 60 to Ilyushin.

The current AN-140-100 is designed mainly for passenger transport and can accommodate up to 52 people. It has six-bladed propellers. By having the engines and propellers on a high-placed wing, the risk of damage on unpaved runways is limited.

The first flight of an in Russia assembled AN-140 was in August 2005. Aviacor (Samara Aviation Plant) produces the -100 version since 2006.

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Take-off of an AN-140-100 in Russian livery (Image © Aviacor)
Take-off of an AN-140-100 in Russian livery (Image © Aviacor)