Fire damaged 787 flies again from Heathrow

A screenshot of shows ET-AOP airborne on Saturday morning. (Image ©
A screenshot of shows ET-AOP airborn on Saturday morning. (Image © /

It’s airborne again! According to, the Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 787-800 (ET-AOP) that was damaged by fire at Heathrow on 12 July this year, took to the sky again on Saturday morning. After take-off, the aircraft headed north at FL 390 (39,000 feet), on a pre-announced test flight.

The aircraft was badly damaged by a fire that broke out near the aft galley. The likely cause was a fault in the emergency beacon (ELT). The aircraft was parked empty at a remote stand when the fire broke out. Nobody was hurt, although Boeing’s pride took a huge blow as the 787 was already under scrutiny for apparent battery problems.

Boeing experts worked on ET-AOP  for months, repairing the composite outer skin of the aircraft. They were successful, we can now assume.


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