SAS scandal: museum MD-80 will be cut in pieces

SAS MD-90-30 Kaare Viking (OY-KI) in flight in the 1990s (Image © SAS)
SAS MD-90-30 Kaare Viking (OY-KI) in flight in the 1990s (Image © SAS)

SAS Scandinavian Airlines will brake a promise to let one of its most fantastic aircraft of all time, a MD-80, be the star of its museum. Instead, the last SAS MD-80 is about to be sold to Delta Airlines for spare parts to serve American air travelers, Norwegian sources say.

On 26 October 2013 aviation enthousiasts flocked to Gardermoen international airport north of Oslo to see the arrival of the sleek McDonnell Douglas MD-80 in SAS livery, the last of its kind. The type has been making crew and passenger happy for the last 30 years. The airliner gladly donated this milestone of Scandinavian aviation glory a special place in the museum at the main airport of Norway.

Scandalous if you ask me, SAS now wants to take its gift back, according to several sources within the company. Reason: the budget-tight company doesn’t want to pay for the costs of giving the MD-80 its well deserved spot in the museum located in the old charter terminal on the west side of Gardermoen. The MD-80 needs its own parking platform. Moreover, the equivalent of a couple of hundreds of thousands of euro has to be paid to the airport for letting the aircraft have its place in history.

Therefore SAS is now looking at the option to sell the aircraft to Delta Airlines, the American company that also bought the last number of SAS MDs. Delta is said to want to harvest the plane for spare parts to keep its other aircraft airborne. The aviation museum at Gardermoen is said to only get a model plane, a big rip-off from the original plan.

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