Western-Syrian war evaded, RAF returns home

Landing time for this RAF Typhoon. (Image © Elmer van Hest)
Landing time for this RAF Typhoon. (Image © Elmer van Hest)

The Royal Air Force 121 Expeditionary Air Wing that was sent to Cyprus ahead of a possible war of Western nations and Syria has returned home on 14 November 2013, according to a statement by the RAF.

The main element consisted of Eurofighter Typhoon fighters from 11 Sqn based at RAF Coningsby. They flew 224 sorties starting 24 hours after their arrival in Cyprus on 24 August 2013, according to 121 Expeditionary Air Wing Commander Blythe Crawford. Boeing E-3D Sentry airborne early warning and control aircraft from 8 Sqn flew 10 sorties every day. Lockheed Tristar tankers from 216 Sqn at RAF Brize Norton provided the inflight ‘gas’ for all those flights.

Further more 1 Air Control Centre from RAF Scampton deployed with the Type 101 radar and Number 5 Force Protection Wing from RAF Brize Norton secured RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus on the ground, 12 hours after arriving. The RAF force was supplemented by Royal Navy Type 45 destroyer HMS Dragon, which provided a situational picture of activity in the eastern Mediterranean and boosted defence intelligence gathering in case Syrian forces would have retaliated against Western bombing by attack the 6,000 British service men on two British territories in Cyprus.

Source: RAF

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